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Aeon aims to set an example as a good corporate citizen, working together with the community for its growth and the improvement of quality of life

AEON BiG Kepong

26th May 2018


100 kids from Empire project consist of 20 underprivileged student from Sekolah Kebangsaan sentul, 40 underprivileged kids from Kampung Batu Sentul 1, 20 kids from Sekolah Taman Keramat and 20 kids from Project Buku Chow kit get a treat to shop for their Hari Raya.  Each kids get RM150 to shop at Aeon Big Kepong.  

AEON BiG Batu Pahat

2nd June 2018

  50 underprivileged kids from Kampung Bukit Soga, Batu Pahat get a treat to shop for their Hari Raya.  Each kids get RM150 to shop at Aeon Big Batu Pahat and RM30 “ang pow” raya.


At AEON, we believe a green environment is the basis for a better life, as such we have developed a comprehensive ecology programme to address the global warming issue and aim to significantly eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. To create higher environmental awareness and educate younger generations on the importance of environment protection.

Ulu Chepor Waterfalls

26th April 2018


On 26 April 2018, Ipoh store held a CSR program at Ulu Chepor waterfalls by creating ”AEON BiG, Falim" cabin for community and tourist to use.   With 7 community and 12 staffs, they working together to set up the cabin.  Ulu Chepor waterfalls located 20km from AEON Big Falim store.  The Gotong Royong work starts at 10 am and ends 5 pm.


AEON BiG Putrajaya 

22nd March 2018


To encourage customer to use recycle bag, in conjunction with Aeon Big Putrajaya Re-Opening, 3,000pcs of recycle bag has been giveaway to customer.  With any purchase customer will entitle to get 1 FREE recycle bag.

It is an alternative to single-use plastic bags. Despite Reusable bags require more energy to produce than common plastic shopping bags.  one reusable bag requires the same amount of energy as an estimated 28 traditional plastic shopping bags or eight paper bags. "If used once per week, four or five reusable bags will replace 520 plastic bags a year", according to Nick Sterling, research director at Natural Capitalism Solutions.


A humanitarian project provides material or logistical assistance to a group of people in need of aid. Humanitarian projects aim to help people who are suffering the effects of environmental disasters and hardship. These projects will form part of the relief effort, working to mitigate ongoing effects, support the people affected, and put in place long term plans to ensure a brighter future.


Aeon believes that the greatest form of welfare is education. AEON's commitment to our communities is a vital part of the Company's Social Responsibility Mission. It is the Company's goal to promote healthy, peaceful, interactive activities with the communities in locations where its stores operate. Education and Skill Development are the two most important agendas that will determine the future of our nation.

aeon big no plastic day

Health Awareness

Aeon implement Health & Wellness initiatives based on the concept that being healthy both physically and mentally fosters the sensation of happiness. As hub of the local community, we support the promotion of rich and healthy lifestyle.